About us

Our Short Story

Ritminds is reputable HR consultant and a workforce recruitment company engaged in providing Quality HR Solutions to the companies around the globe. We are able to help more than 200+ clients source the right candidates for them. Our team of Expert Human resource professionals have a in-depth understanding of the HR processes of the industry which helps us in a systematic sourcing for the clients. We are present in four locations in India and have a growing network for hiring candidates for any location. The right fit for the companies as well as for the individual is our core strength.

Our Services

Our offerings are the following.
Professional HR Solutions
  • Workforce Recruitment Solutions
  • Temporary Staffing solutions
  • Executive Search and Hiring
  • Other Important Services
Other Services
  • Campus Placement Services
  • Employee Benefit Solutions
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Resume Services
  • Other Important Services
  • Detailed Timely Proposals
  • Expert Consultation
  • Hand Held Support
  • Professional Expertise in HR processes
  • Precise employee documents vetting
  • Proficeint work completion
  • Experienced Team
  • Access To journals and updates
  • Competent, Reliable Support Personnel
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